Hydrogen Aston Martin Takes Nurburgring

Ahead of its attempt at breaking a record at next month’s ADAC Zurich 24 Hours of Nurburgring, Aston Martin completed a lap of the course in its Hybrid Hydrogen Rapide S. Aston put four hours of track time on the car in preparation for the race against more than 200 GT cars.

But more notably, this Rapide was able to complete a full lap of the course using only hydrogen, a first in the industry. The vehicle is the result of Aston Martin’s partnership with Alset Global, which helped the automaker design the hybrid system.

CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez said:

“I am incredibly proud of the Aston Martin team, and our partners Alset Global. We have written a little motorsport history with this qualifying lap as well as finishing the four-hour race on hydrogen and, of course, it bodes extremely well for our participation in the 24 Hours of Nurburgring in three weeks’ time. To have run full laps on hydrogen gas alone during the four-hour event is an exceptional ‘first’, and I now hope that we can stabilise the system and further improve the Rapide S so we can complete the 24-hour race on May 19 with many zero emission laps.”

David King, Director of Special Projects at Aston Martin and the man leading the Hybrid Hydrogen Rapide S project, added:

“The creation of the Hybrid Hydrogen Rapide S was, for Aston Martin, another high profile way for us to mark our centenary in 2013, and to demonstrate our engineering capabilities in the most demanding environment of a major endurance race. This is the ultimate expression of our long term strategy of using the Nurburgring 24h race to publicly demonstrate the abilities of our cars and our people.”

After next month’s N24 race, the Hybrid Hydrogen Rapide S will be the first zero-CO2 emissions car to ever compete in an international race. The car is powered by a twin-turbo V12 that can run on pure gasoline, pure hydrogen, or a mixture of both. Running in hydrogen-only mode creates nothing but water from the exhaust.

The race will run between May 19-20 2013.