BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor model revealed

Modified to accommodate future shoppers with active lifestyles, the BMW has released its Concept Active Tourer with an “Outdoor” version of the car.

It’s still powered by the same hybrid drive system with a 1.5-liter turbo-three-cylinder engine with an electric motor, good for 190 horsepower and 147 lb-ft of torque. It’s also capable of driving on pure electric mode for up to 19 miles and earn an average of up to 95 miles per gallon.

The cargo space has changed from the car that we saw in 2012, though. There are now built-in harnesses to hold two bicycles in place. Once you disassemble the bikes, the wheels are held behind the passenger seat, the frames on the driver’s side, and the saddles go into a storage container under the floor.

The Outdoor model also comes with new materials that are intended to wear better under the grimy, greasy conditions for which it’s intended. The floor is a “MoonRock Gray” studded plastic, while leather, and aluminum mesh find their way around the rest of the cabin.

As part of the outdoorsy approach to the car, the ConnectedDrive system also includes a “Heart of the Alps” route guide, donated by the Austrian Tyrol tourist board, intended to provide an “exclusive premium routes in the Seefeld, Ötztal and Zillertal regions.”