Official BMW i8 images leaked

Very few secrets now remain about the BMW i8 after a couple of official images were leaked online. Only the price and availability remain unknown.

BMW’s plug-in hybrid sports car, which is a nailed-on smash hit for the Frankfurt Motor Show next week, was only recently teased in a steamy clip (below), but now it’s truly out in the open. The leaked studio shots are of both the exterior, in profile, and interior, and apart from the plug socket being relocated to the front of the car, it’s much as we expected.

Aesthetically very little has changed from the original concept car. That means dihedral doors, steeply raked windscreens and a chiseled profile. And whilst the production car loses the concept’s extensive glass panels, it’s still comparable overall to the flamboyant show cars.

BMW recently released detailed specifications of the 357hp i8, which will follow in the i3’s zero emissions wake when it goes on sale in the US early next year. As a plug-in hybrid it can manage 22 miles on electric power alone before a three-cylinder engine cuts in to take range to 310 miles.

Performance will be strong, with 0-60mph taking around 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 155mph. Not many cars can outpace a BMW M3 one moment yet return 95mpge the next.

Inside it appears that BMW hasn’t taken any unnecessary risk. A wide transmission tunnel and functional but tasteful switchgear are BMW hallmarks. The dials also appear to be digital (looking fantastic in blue), which is fitting.

The car gets its official unveiling in Frankfurt on the 10th September.