‘Pay with PlugShare’ app cuts the hassle out of public EV charging

Calling all electric vehicle owners fed-up with carrying around a collection of EV-club cards just so you can charge. A convenient solution is at hand.

A subsidiary of Recargo – the company that developed the PlugShare app to find EV charging ports – has released a new smartphone app to pay for charging.

It’s called ‘Pay with PlugShare’ and it allows its users to set up and pay for a jolt on their smartphones. The app also lets users save credit card details for future uses.

Once a car is charging, the user can monitor the charging progress of his/her electric car with the app at any charging station that offers ‘Pay with PlugShare’.

The big idea is to vastly reduce the amount of memberships to different clubs that EV owners are required to have just to charge their cars publicly. It is a common frustration many EV owners share.

In order to achieve a unitary solution Recargo has worked with the SemaConnect network, which contains more than 300 charging stations in the states and in Canada.

But to completely unify (and ultimately monopolize) this payment method for electric car charging stations, Recargo will work with additional partners to spread it worldwide.

Recargo claims that the process of adding the ‘Pay with PlugShare’ payment system is easy for networks to do; each station doesn’t have to install credit card readers and they still will have control over pricing.

The hope is that adding the ‘Pay with PlugShare’ functionality to charging stations will attract new customers to existing systems — people who travel around and occasionally use EVs and those who consistently visit the same handful of charging stations.

Recargo research shows that half of EV drivers deem payment methods for charging stations too complicated and one third have difficulty understanding all the costs associated with charging stations.

The ‘Pay with PlugShare’ app is currently only available on iPhone, although iPad and Android capability is on the way, according to the company.