Electric & hybrid cars: Most popular this week

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Chevrolet Volt among the most dependable cars money can buy


The Chevrolet Volt has been ranked as one of the most dependable cars on sale in the US in the latest JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study. For this year’s survey, 2011 model-year vehicles were investigated for problems over the past 12 months, with the plug-in hybrid Volt coming out on top in the compact car class. Read more »

Video: How to buy a Tesla Model S at the mall


While many states permit Tesla’s direct sales practice, a number have restricted the company’s activities to merely exhibiting the cars in so-called ‘galleries’, with staff prohibited from even mentioning the price of models. To get an idea of what’s on offer you may want to visit a Tesla store, which are typically located in malls or city centres. Read more »

Love or hate the Tesla Model S, this is guaranteed to have you in stitches


Matthew Inman’s web comics are almost certain to raise a smile, elicit a chuckle, or reduce you to tears depending on your sense of humour. The subject matter is generally puerile but familiar to all of us, but now Inman, aka The Oatmeal, has turned his attention to his own Tesla Model S. Read more »

Tesla Model S titanium underbody battery shield reviewed


It’s never easy to start a new car company, especially when your cars catch on fire. Tesla Motors faced a crisis last fall when a pair of US Model S fires caused by collisions with road debris grabbed headlines. In addition to a media blitz of its own, the company kept ahead of the problem by modifying the cars. Read more »

Top five fastest charging electric cars (May ’14)


Long charging times are one of the most significant drawbacks of electric cars, but which cars get you back on the road fastest? These are the top five fastest charging electric cars on sale, although they come with a few caveats. Read more »

BMW drives down carbon fiber cost for electric cars with mammoth investment


BMW has announced a huge investment in the factory that makes the carbon fiber used in its new electric cars. The joint venture between the pioneering automaker and SGL Carbon is set to spend $200 million expanding the plant at Moses Lake, Washington in order to meet anticipated demand for the light but incredibly strong material in the coming years. Read more »

Limited supply guarantees 2015 Kia Soul EV will be a rare sight on the road


Kia has maintained that its first electric car on sale outside of Korea is more of an experiment than a push for increased revenue. As such, it comes as no surprise that the company is targeting just 5,000 annual sales of the new Soul EV worldwide. Read more »

How the BMW i8 sets trend with envy-inducing global launch campaign


After months, no, years, of camouflaged prototype sightings, technical snapshots from experts, and behind-the-scenes production footage of BMW’s revolutionary sportscar, the company today announced that now is when the real marketing campaign gets going. Read more »