Bultaco Rapitán swells electric motorcycle ranks

Spanish motorcycle maker Bultaco has announced plans to build an electric motorcycle more than three decades after the original company folded.

The Barcelona-built 2015 Bultaco Rapitán boasts a 54hp electric motor to propel its 189kg chassis. Performance should be similar to the popular Zero S as, while the American motorcycle is considerably lighter, the Spanish bike develops significantly more torque. Top speed is 90mph, which is more than enough for the city street the Bultaco will be most at home on.

Bultaco’s bike will also feature regenerative braking, charging ultra capacitor modules under deceleration and helping achieve a combined range of 86 miles. The Rapitán is capable of fast charging in between 45 minutes and an hour, while a standard charge takes between three and five hours depending on the source.

In keeping with its competitors, the Rapitán is an attractive machine that’s sure to elicit more than the odd double-take from enthusiasts. The body coloured trellis frame is particularly eye-catching, as is the way the digital screen and windshield are mounted so far forward of the handlebars.


While the name will be new to many, Bultaco is keen to emphasis the sustainability of this project, which will use proprietary technology originally developed by LGN Tech Design (now Bultaco Motors), a company based at Carlos III University in Madrid. The bike shown here is a pre-production prototype that the company hopes to make real later this summer before achieving sales of 2,000 units a year.

As soon as Bultaco release a price for the Rapitán we’ll let you know. Until then, let us know whether you’d take one instead of a Zero S or Brammo Empulse. Tough one.