Incredible nanotechnology will keep your Nissan LEAF spotless for eternity

Nissan has revealed a paint job for the Nissan LEAF that’s as clean as its electric powertrain.

The self-cleaning paint, dubbed ‘Ultra-Ever Dry,’ is superhydrophobic and olephobic, repelling water and oil respectively. It does this by creating a molecular protective layer of air between the car’s paint and the surrounding atmosphere.

‘Ultra-Ever Dry’ comes in the form of a nanotechnology spray that gives the paint a so-called umbrella. It works against any water-based materials, including concrete, mud, and even paint itself.

Nissan can’t take the credit for Ultra-Ever Dry, that belongs to Mark Shaw and his company, NanoTech Coatings. Shaw has a track record in developing technologies to contain hazardous waste, storm water, and radioactives, and has provided solutions for the US Department of Energy in the past. Automotive application, however, could see Ultra-Ever Dry ubiquitous on road cars in the future.

The technology could also save a significant proportion of the billions of gallons of water used to wash cars in the US every year.

Unfortunately this miracle-paint on Nissan’s LEAF remains a technical study for now, but there’s nothing to stop owners from going direct to NanoTech Coatings.