Facelifted 2015 Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid priced to sell

A facelifted 2015 Porsche Cayenne will soon be offered with a plug-in hybrid powertrain capable of unprecedented performance and efficiency. The car is expected to debut at the Paris Motor Show in September, following frequent sightings of test mules this year.

Set to cost $76,400 – a small premium over the gasoline-only Cayenne S – the Cayenne S E-Hybrid car will benefit from increased performance and fuel economy over other models thanks to a 95hp electric motor powered by a 10.9-kilowatt-hours lithium-ion battery pack.

The car’s real firepower, however, comes in the form of an Audi-developed supercharged three-liter V6 that brings total output to a 911-beating 416hp. The results are a 0-60mph time of just 5.9 seconds yet combined fuel economy, at least on a European cycle, of 83.1 miles-per-gallon. Carbon dioxide emissions are said to be 79g/km – a colossal increase over the old, non-plug-in Cayenne S Hybrid’s figure of 193g/km.

The hardware is identical to that found in the $96,100 Panamera S E-Hybrid, but for a slightly larger battery pack. Roughly 10 percent of Panamera buyers opt for the plug-in hybrid version, so Porsche will have high hopes for its most frugal Cayenne. The German carmaker has sold 303,000 examples of it flagship SUV since 2010.

As a plug-in hybrid the new Cayenne will have pure electric capabilities. Porsche has yet to confirm the Cayenne S E-Hybrid’s electric range, although taking into account the car’s weight and battery specifications 20 miles of zero-emissions driving is a realistic expectation. Top speed in electric mode will be limited to 77mph.


The lithium-ion battery can either be charged by connecting the car to an electrical power source or on the move, whereby a small portion of energy from the engine is siphoned off.

The 2015 Cayenne S E-Hybrid will be Porsche’s third plug-in hybrid, following the Panamera and the 918 Spyder, the latter of which sets the bar for integrating electric technology into performance cars. Porsche has also been keen to highlight a link between road and track, with the 919 Hybrid faring well during this years 24 Hours of Le Mans before mechanical issues ended its charge two hours short of the chequered flag.

The carmaker’s plug-in hybrid powertrain is heavily touted to feature in the smaller Macan SUV before long, with even the iconic 911 earmarked for electrification, too.