UNU is the electric scooter you’ve waited for

The BMW C Evolution isn’t the only electric scooter to come out of Munich, because now UNU Motors has launched a challenger.

At 2,399 euros the neo-classical scooter is a fraction of the price of the C Evolution, however, which costs 15,000 euros. For that you get up to 62 miles of range and a top speed of 28 mph. UNU will even deliver the scooter to your door compete with licence plates so it’s ready to ride.

The UNU’s party piece is a lightweight portable lithium-ion battery pack. Bought from Panasonic, it lies under the seat but can be removed and charged from any standard wall-socket. The standard 8 kg pack is good for around 30 miles of range, although a 700 euro upgrade doubles that.

Weighing roughly 60 kg – half that of similarly sized Vespa – the UNU can seat two with a maximum load of 150 kg. That’s enough for most couples, although we imagine the little moped would struggle under the weight of two Bavarian beefcakes. The electric motor comes in 1 kW, 2 kW, and 3 kW trim, and is aided by KERS, or regenerative braking.

Charge time is leisurely, at between five and six hours from a 230-volt outlet, while UNU says that the battery should retain 70 percent charge capacity until at least 31,000 miles. The scooter comes with a two-year warranty.

Environmentalism isn’t the only impetus behind the UNU. Founders Atahi Elis and Pascal Blum both studied in Asia, where mega cities suffer from congestion and parking problems as well as heavy pollution. The project to build a scooter began in 2012 with the aim of helping relieve these problems.

Aesthetics were also a priority for the pair, which is why the UNU boasts a stylish design despite its modest price tag.

With urban environments particularly suited to electromobility, zero-emission scooter and motorcycle sales are anticipated to flourish in the future. Companies like QuaZZar also offer a retro-styled scooter, while an ultra-affordable Mahindra moped is due to go on sale this year.