Meet the Chicago limo operator that uses Tesla Model S electric cars

If you’ve ever ridden in a limousine or livery car, chances are it was a triple-black Lincoln Town Car or another big American sedan. Now, one company in Chicago is changing things up.

E-Motion Chauffeurs and Hires began operating this past October with a fleet of six Tesla Model S electric cars, and according to HybridCars, business is booming. The launch was apparently so popular that servers crashed due to high demand.

Like other livery services, E-Motion offers cars for airport pickups and drop offs, corporate use, and special events. Like the fleets of Town Cars that continue to dominate the industry, its Teslas are also black inside and out.

The decision to operate electric cars wasn’t just made for environmental reasons. In the highly competitive Chicago limousine market, E-Motion hoped to stand out by offering the popular Model S.

It apparently worked. E-Motion is booked solid, and is even reportedly looking for private Tesla owners to fill in. It’s also got six more cars on order, but theses will be dual-motor all-wheel drive “D” models.

Electric-car operating costs were also found to be lower compared to traditional livery vehicles. Cutting out the cost of gasoline likely helped, and electric cars have much lower maintenance cost than anything with an internal-combustion engine.

Other companies have taken note of E-Motion’s success and added Model S electric cars to their fleets, but E-Motion is still the only all-Tesla limo operator. It’s considering expanding to Los Angeles or New York City, and may add a Model X crossover to its fleet when they become available.

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  1. Excellent. This is very nice to learn. I had long suspected the Model S would become popular for livery service. I expect that Model X will handle taxi/shuttle duty with equal verve.


  2. The comment that E-motion is the only all-Tesla service isn’t true. There’s a company in Northern California that does Wine Tours and other transportation services exclusively in Teslas, and they’ve been running for nearly 2 years now. Their website is and the phone number is 707.724.0247.


    1. Thanks Lewis, we updated the article!

      TL |


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