How big is Tesla Motors? (video)

A new video tracks the rise of Tesla Motors from its earliest roots to its prominent position today and declares that it is now bigger than Mitsubishi. That statement is open to interpretation.

In terms of market capitalization, Tesla is larger than Mitsubishi, but in terms of number of cars built, number of employees, number of factories and the size of its network, it is still minuscule in global terms.

The video begins with the first electric cars at the dawn of the automobile, before gasoline was widely available, and continues through the controversial General Motors EV1 to the founding of Tesla Motors. It focuses closely on how the arrival of Elon Musk as Tesla CEO in 2008 transformed the company into the market force it is today.

The 15 minute long video is not completely accurate in every detail and spends rather too much time lauding the accomplishments of Elon Musk, but it offers a good overview of how electric cars got to where they are today – on the brink of initiating a transformative change in how the world of transportation.