Bultaco Brinco e-bike is for serious riders (images, video)

Famed Spanish motorcycle manufacturer Bultaco is back in business after a brief hiatus and its first offering is the Bultaco Brinco electric bicycle for serious off road riders. The Brinco takes everything Bultaco knows about dirt bikes and shrinks it down to a half motorcycle/half mouintain bike beast capable of speeds up to 37 mph.

The heart of the Bultaco e-bike is a 2,000 watt electric hub motor in the rear wheel coupled to a 1.3 kWh battery. Together, they kick out 44 ft-lb of torque. Three riding modes are available. Eco limits motor output to 800 watts for a range of 50 miles. Tour ups motor output to 1,500 watts but reduces range to 31 miles. Sport mode unleashes the full 2,000 watts of motor power, providing a fast ride that gets faster the harder you pedal. All modes offer the full 44 lb-ft of torque.

The Brinco has 8 gears and a two speed hub, giving a total of 18 gearing choices to suit any riding style and terrain. It comes with 24″ wheels shod with meaty, 3 inch wide mountain bike tires. Suspension travel is 7 inches in front and 8.5 inches at the rear. Both wheels have disc brakes. The lithium-ion battery detaches from the frame in a matter of seconds and takes about three hours to charge. Bultaco plans to offer Brinco buyers an optional second battery for quick swapping, double range riding.

No self respecting electric vehicle is complete today without a number of electronic features. The Brinco is enabled by an electronic bracelet that doubles as an anti-theft device. Once underway, a centrally mounted LED computer reports speed, motor temperature, distance and battery life remaining. Owners can also choose to add a SIM card and use the accompanying iOS/Android app as a geo-tracking anti-theft measure.

The Brinco is not the only high power electric dirt bike on the market, but it is built to the same motocross standards Bultaco is famous for at the company’s new factory in Barcelona. For the home market, it is priced at around $5,000. Prices in other countries will be announced as Bultaco expands its dealer network.

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  1. 2kW is not really high power, not to mention that it’s not the only electric dirtbike on the market. You really need to do your research before writing a article 🙂

    No hard feelings, just sayin’!


    1. You seem to have missed this sentence in the article: “The Brinco is not the only high power electric dirt bike on the market.”

      Just sayin’.


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