A-Bike Electric: world’s smallest folding electric bicycle (video)

A folding electric bicycle is the ultimate in intermodal transportation. You can ride it to the bus stop or train station and take it with you when you get aboard. You can even take it up the elevator with you to work so you don’t have to worry about someone stealing it.

If that folding bike happens to be electric as well, so much the better. Sir Clive Sinclair and product designer Alex Kalogroulis have come up with just such a device and it is inspired. It folds in ten seconds and can travel up to 15 miles at speeds of more than 12 miles per hour. Best of all, it weighs just 26 pounds and folds up to the size of a small suitcase.

With its tiny wheels, it is definitely not suitable for any off pavement riding, but for the dedicated commuter, it may be just the thing. Watch the video to learn more about the A-Bike Electric.