Tesla automatic charger video

First there were no electric cars. Then Tesla brought us the Roadster and Model S. But batteries need to be charged regularly, so Tesla invented Superchargers and set about installing them all around the known world. Then Tesla made their charging cord liquid cooled so it could handle higher current loads.

But really, down deep inside, does someone who just spent $100,000 or more on a car want to be involved with handling a charging cord? What if its dirty or greasy or has cooties left by the last person to use it? Wouldn’t it be nicer if the charger could hook itself up and be done with it?

Apparently, Tesla agrees. In this video, we can see a Tesla automatic charger that finds its own way to the charging port, hooks itself up and then disconnects itself when charging is complete. Watching the video is like seeing a snake charmer entice a cobra out of its basket. Mesmerizing!

In the future, wireless charging will be common, but for now, wireless equipment cannot handle the high current needed for quick recharging duties. Until engineers solve that conundrum, the automatic charging cable may be the next best thing.