Porsche e-Mobility video

Other manufacturers may be dithering about whether to build hybrids, plug-in hybrids, electrics or fuel cell cars, but at Porsche, they have made their decision. The company is staking its future on plug-in hybrid cars that combine the company’s rich tradition of superb performance with sustainability. It calls its decision the Porsche e-Mobility program.

Porsche has released a new video about their plug-in hybrid future, accompanied by this announcement:

“Hybrid technology and mobility. For us at Porsche, it’s about nothing less than proving that efficiency and sports performance can go hand in hand. Which is why we are going even further in the development of our drive concepts. And yet it’s about more than putting together our different types of drive. It’s about making mobility in the 21st century a subject that will continue into the future. The Porsche way. With racing sport experience for series production. With more ideas per hp. Our solution is e-mobility.”