Tesla P85D disrupts Consumer Reports rating system (video)

Consumer Reports already tested a Tesla Model S and gave it a score of 99. Then the other day, they tested a Tesla P85D and decided it was even better. Because of how fast it goes from 0-60? Nope, although they did comment on its “ferocious acceleration.” They gave it higher marks for braking, handling and outstanding (equivalent) fuel economy of 83 mpg. The final point tally using the existing CR rating system was 103.

Houston, we have a problem. A 0-100 scale obviously will not tolerate a score of 103. What to do? Consumer Reports decided the only sensible thing was to revise their rating system, a system that has been in place for decades. The P85D is so good, it has raised the bar by which every other car on earth will be judged from now on.

CR says the new system will not affect any of the ratings it has previously handed out over the years. While it said the P85D isn’t perfect (the ride is a little harsher than the standard model and its reliability rating is only average), it was glowing in its praise for the car. “The Tesla Model S P85D is an automotive milepost. It’s a remarkable car that paves a new, unorthodox course, and it’s a powerful statement of American startup ingenuity.”

Doesn’t get much better than that. Such praise almost makes the $127,500 price of the car seem like a bargain. Emphasis on “almost”.