Full Thunder Power electric sedan revealed (images)

A few days ago, Taiwan electric car start-up Thunder Power teased us with a gauzy image of the front of its new car. Now, the prototype has been revealed in full at the Frankfurt auto show. The car will go on sale in Europe in 2017, China in 2018, and then head to the United States after that.

On paper, the Thunder Power has some interesting attributes, not the least of which is a 125 kWh battery good for more than 400 miles of range. The company says its battery is lighter and costs less to produce than the batteries used by its competitors. (It means Tesla when it says that.) It claims the car can be charged enough to give an additional 180 miles of range in just 30 minutes.

Thunder Power may not challenge for the title of world’s fastest electric sedan, but it will zip from 0 to 60 mph in under 5 seconds the company says. Most drivers would happily give up a second in acceleration to gain 100 mile or more of range.

Inside, the car features a full width digital display that includes the instrument cluster, the infotainment system as well as passenger video streaming and Internet access. The electric sedan will be offered with a choice of two electric motors – either a 308 horsepower version or one with 428 horsepower. Both are supposed to have the same range, although that claim seems a little doubtful.

Outside, the Thunder Power is a mix of old and new. Some people may see more than a hint of the Infiniti G35 sedan updated with an odd new grille and headlights that slash across the outside corners at the front.  It is not nearly as svelte as the Telsa Model S, but electric cars today are all about range and charging times. If Thunder Power can deliver on its promises, it should find plenty of customers.