Spir electric bicycle designed for first responders (images)

A bicycle is the perfect means of transportation for police, fire and EMTs – the so-called “first responders” who are called upon to manage any natural or man made disaster. A bicycle can get through debris fields and navigate around obstacles better than any 4 wheel vehicle, bringing emergency medical treatment to those who need it most.

But there’s a problem. A bicycle must be balanced to work effectively. Too much weight over the front or rear wheel can make a bike unstable. Most electric bikes have rear hub motors. First responders often add more heavy equipment to the rear until the bike becomes unmanageable.

Spir has built an all new electric bicycle designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the emergency personnel. It features a brushless electric motor built into the pedal crank area, which centers that weight and keeps it as low a possible in the chassis. It also packs its innovative battery pack and control elements into the frame tubes, keeping them away from harm in dangerous environments.

Will this advanced technology bike be offered to the public? Grant Chapman, Systems Engineer of the Spīr (pronounced “spire”) team, says “We will happily sell to an individual that wants something this high in performance and quality .” He says his company is focused as much on the technological innovations as on the bike itself: “We are also looking to license the tech towards OEM bike makers looking for a high quality mid drive kit that are really good at making bikes but want don’t have the team to do the EV side of it.”