Gi FlyBike is a folding electric bicycle with 40 mile range (Video)

The Gi FlyBike folding electric bicycle can go 40 miles on a single charge, as long as you are willing to do some of the work (It’s still a bicycle, after all.) And when you get where you are going, you can fold it up in less than a second and take it with you on the subway or up an elevator to work.

You can lock or unlock your Gi FlyBike remotely using a smart phone app. You can even let a friend borrow it by sending them an invitation over the internet.

This is a seriously cool piece of pedal power. You can reserve one right now for delivery in the middle of 2016 by going to the company’s KickStarter site and signing up online. The pre-order price is $2,000, which is quite reasonable for a fully functioning e-bike today.