EP Tender is a range extender trailer for electric cars

The marketplace is a wonderful thing. If there is a need, someone will find a way to fill it and hopefully make a buck or two in the process. Meet the EP Tender, a generator housed in a little two-wheeled trailer pulled that you can pull behind your EV to give it more range. It’s just over 4 feet long and weighs 400 pounds.

The idea isn’t to tow a generator behind your car all day every day. It’s meant to be a range extender that owners can rent for longer trips. It even has a rack on top for your extra gear or vacation luggage. The company is also planning on making both gasoline-fueled and fuel-cell versions of the generator so drivers can choose between easy convenience and eco-friendliness. Think of it as making your Nissan LEAF into a Chevy Volt, but only when you need more range, like when you drive the family to Disney World on vacation.


Like lots of new automotive technologies, the EP Tender has a chicken-and-egg problem. Its creators hope having a rentable pull-along generator will boost EV sales, but they also need enough current EV owners to express interest to convince someone to develop a rental network for these things. They particularly would like a network in North America, where the roads are long and the road trips longer.