500 subscribers have used BlueIndy 3000 times in two months

BlueIndy, the electric car sharing service owned by Bolloré Group, says it has more than 500 subscribers signed up. Combined, its members have used the service more than 3,000 times in the first 2 months.

Those are encouraging numbers. Although the program has the enthusiastic support of Indianapolis mayor Greg Ballard, it has experienced a great deal of political pushback from the city council and the local utility company. A similar program in Paris has 80,000 subscribers sharing 3,000 cars. BlueIndy says it will have 500 cars in its fleet and a network of 200 charging stations across the city by next year.

Everybody is skeptical of anything new — that’s really the point of Mary Shelley’s book, Frankenstein. Many potential electric car owners are afraid to buy one because they don’t really know that much about them. Many car dealers are not helping the situation, because they choose not to train their sales staff how to educate customers.

BlueIndy is not making that mistake. It has representatives on hand at its charging locations to talk to people and answer questions. Providing information is the best way to overcome the fears of people who have never tried a car sharing service before.

“Reaching the 500-member mark has special significance in the land of the Indianapolis 500,” says BlueIndy General Manager Scott Prince in a press release. “Our goal is to deliver a convenient, affordable and reliable transit option. The enthusiasm for our new service has been fantastic and many people have already commented on how BlueIndy helps them save money and time and enhances their mobility in the city.” he says the average trip using a BlueIndy car lasts about 20 minutes and costs about $4.00.