BMW pulls out all the stops for its i8 Spyder EV concept at CES (Images, Video)

The BMW i8 Spyder has been around in concept form for several years now. At the Consumer Electronics Show this week, the company uses it as the host for a welter of new and somewhat outlandish digital systems that may or may not have anything to do with actual production cars.

The heart of the car is a 21″ wide digital display screen that sits in front of the passenger and extends towards the driver. It is used to control virtually every element of the car. But it doesn’t use mere touchscreen technology. Oh, no. That is so yesterday, you know?

Instead, BMW uses what is calls its AirTouch system, which lets the driver point at the user interface from behind the wheel and “push” in space to select items. BMW also uses the rear view mirror as the interface between the driver and the cloud.

A reporter from The Verge who is at CES called the hodgepodge of technological wizardry installed in the i8 Spyder concept “ridiculous.” Little does he realize that what is ridiculous today will likely be commonplace tomorrow.