Norwegian authorities conclude investigation of Tesla fire

The Norwegian Accident Investigation Board has concluded its investigation of the spectacular fire that completely destroyed a Tesla Model S while it was charging. According to Electrek, the results of the investigation were inconclusive.

The Board was able to determine that the fire began in the car and not the charging equipment. Because the car was totally destroyed, it was not possible to pinpoint a cause for the blaze or identify the part of the car where it began.

Accident Investigation Board director Rolf Mellum told the press on January 14 that his department investigated the incident at the request of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Mellum said that they were ending the investigation in part due to the lack of resources.

The local fire department admitted there wasn’t much they could do about the fire. They were instructed not to use water because of a possible electrical hazard from the high voltage battery in the car. All they could do was let the car burn down and try to keep the fire from spreading to a nearby building.

It has been learned that the car was one year old. It was purchased as a pre-owned car and the new owner only had it 2 days before the fire destroyed it. Tesla has promised to report any findings from its own investigation to Norwegian authorities.

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