Adding a LEAF battery pack to a Chevy S-10 pickup truck (Video)

Swapping out an old internal combustion engine for an electric motor is all the rage these days. Dedicated tinkerer Jay Summet had already converted his Chevy S10 pickup truck to electric power using 20 lead acid golf cart batteries when he got a chance to buy a complete 2013 Nissan LEAF that had been wrecked.

Out came the old batteries and in went the lithium ion batteries from the LEAF. Jay’s truck now has more power and weighs 800 lbs less than before.

Jay documented the conversion process in a video that covers more than 20 hours of work. (Remember, this is already after the original conversion to electric power.) The video speed is increased so you don’t have to spend 20 hours to watch it all. It’s still over an hour long.

Jay has also made a number of other videos that detail certain portions of the project, like how to arrange the battery modules and make cables to connect everything together so it works. You can find them all on his YouTube channel or at Inside EVs,