JuiceNet now offers rewards for plugging in

eMotorWerks, a California based EV charging company, operates JuiceNet, a network of more than 7,000 Level 2 EV chargers nationwide. It is pioneering a new JuicePoints program that will reward customers for plugging in their EVs to the JuiceNet system.

What is this program all about? eMotorWerks partners with local utilities to manage EV charging intelligently. JuiceNet is internet enabled, which allows each individual charger to operate at maximum efficiency for both EV owners and utilities.

Let’s say your car will need 6 hours of charging overnight. You plug in when you get home from work but won’t be using the car again for 12 hours. JuiceNet will work in the background to make sure your battery is fully charged in the morning using electricity at the lowest available rate and from the most environmentally friendly sources.

On the other side of the connection, utility companies can tell the charger to pause if the company has a temporary spike in demand. JuiceNet is part of the “internet of things”, a connected platform that uses computer algorithms to figure out the best way to meet the needs of many users.

Ron Freund, chairman of the Electric Auto Association, says, “The ability to shed loads from customer’s PEVs through centralized control in return for incentive rewards enables JuiceNet to uniquely assist with grid load moderation, especially as more transportation becomes electrified.”

Here’s how eMotorWerks founder Valery Miftakhov describes the program. “Our JuicePoints program is unique to the industry and particularly beneficial for our customers. Our high­ speed dispatch capability, cloud ­based, self learning algorithms, and easy ­to ­use mobile app ensure that your car is always charged when you need it, while simultaneously offering greater flexibility to the grid and greener charging.”

He says the program will offer customers a $100 discount on a new wifi enabled JuiceBox. Points will be awarded based on the amount of time the charger is connected to an EV and the amount of electricity used. Annual rewards could amount to $100 or more.

JuiceBox and Clipper Creek chargers use a standard SAE J1772 connector. The units plug in to any NEMA 14-50 outlet. They may be mounted outdoors and can be unplugged and taken along while travelling. The chargers may be used to recharge any electric vehicle, including Teslas via an available adapter that allows the J1772 connector to interface with the Tesla charging point.

eMotorWerks is the only network that has cooperating agreements with all three of California’s major electrical utilities. The JuicePoints program begins in San Francisco this week and will be expanded to the rest of California later this year.