Icona Neo concept on display in Paris

Icona is an automotive design house based in Shanghai, China but with roots in Italy. It has close links to Italian firm Cecomp, which has been building concepts and pre-production models for major automakers for three decades.

Last year, Icona developed a concept city car called the Neo. At the 2016 Festival International Automobile Paris last month, it released a few details about the car. It is an electric hatchback designed to carry four adults. It has edgy styling inspired by the latest architectural trends in Shanghai, where most of the design work was carried out.


Perhaps its most unique feature is its in-wheel electric motors. Even though together they have a total of only 28 horsepower, that should be enough to fulfill the car’s primary role as a small, agile vehicle particularly suited to navigating densely populated urban environments.

There are no production plans for the Icona Neo at this time.