Toyota Prius Super Bowl ad is good fun

Toyota wants people to think of its Prius as a fun, sporty car — hardly the image it has now. It aired a new commercial during the Super Bowl that features a Prius as a getaway car for a gang of bank robbers.

The police are surprised to find the Prius is faster than they thought, as the thieves lead them on a merry chase through the city and out onto the highway. The ad makes it a point to showcase the Prius’ excellent fuel economy, as one after another, the pursuers run out of gas.

What happens next is quite amusing. Watch it for yourself to see the surprise ending.

Posted by Thomas Langenbucher

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  1. I guess the ones who wrote that advertisement never drove a Prius. They are big liars like the rest of commerce, politics and you name it.

    From the Autoweek review: “Cons: Strange design, slow, still not sporty ….. the combined hybrid system (including the electric motor) is 121 hp — 13 fewer than the old model. It’s not often that new cars today have less power than the ones that came before them. So don’t expect to be crushing Camaros in the stoplight drags. Or even older Prii, for that matter….The last-generation hybrid would hit 60 mph in around 10 seconds, and we’re told this one is no quicker”.

    From a dissatisfied Prius owner that used to own a G35 and is now looking at the Volt.


  2. Really? We are supposed to cheer for BANK ROBBERS who STEAL a getaway car? And what does this say about the anti-theft properties of a Prius? Oh, but these were nice CRIMINALS because they left a bag of the bank’s (depositors) money for the Prius owner that he will have to return anyways. A totally IMMORAL commercial that should NOT be celebrated in ANY way!
    They obviously didn’t spend enough time in this meeting. I hope they take loads of crap over this.


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