General Motors could share Chevy Volt powertrain with others

Dan Nicholson, head of global powertrains for General Motors, tells Automotive News he would be in favor of sharing the advanced plug-in hybrid powertrain developed for the Chevy Volt with other manufacturers. “We want to be the partner of choice in propulsion system development in this complex and turbulent era we are approaching,” he says.

The Volt powertrain has two electric motors, an 18.4 kWh battery, and a 1.5 liter range extender motor. It has an EPA rating of 106 MPGe and an all electric range of 53 miles. It was also selected as one of Ward’s Ten Best Engines this year. The Volt powertrain is unique among volume production automobiles because it offers all of the benefits of an electric car while eliminating any range anxiety mainstream buyers might have.

General Motors could share Chevy Volt powertrain with others1

Sharing the technology would drive down GM’s cost to manufacturer the powertrain. It would also save another manufacturer who doesn’t have a competitive electrified powertrain hundreds of millions of dollars in development costs.

Don’t expect anything like this to happen any time soon, however. GM spokesperson Kevin Kelley says he is “not aware of anything going on” with regard to interest from other manufacturers.