Electric truck brings fume free food to Philadelphia

Greg Steele operates a food truck in Philadelphia. Instead of using a diesel or gas engine the way most food trucks do, Greg’s Philly Greens food truck is electric. It is built on the chassis of a Polaris Gem electric utility vehicle, so it can get wherever the customers are on electrons instead of molecules.

“The future is all about sustainable eating, working and living, and I am committed to walking the walk when it comes to sustainability,” Greg writes on his website.”This is why a solar-powered GEM El-XD fully electric vehicle serves as the base chassis for the Philly Greens food truck. This is the food truck of a post-oil future…The truck is a 7-horsepower vehicle with a max speed of 25 mph that can go up to 30 miles on a single charge, which is more than enough to get around the city and nearby suburbs.”

Greg’s dream is not entirely fossil fuel free. He uses a small gas powered generator to power his cooking equipment. But he is charting a course for other food truck operators to follow and attracting new eco-minded customers for his business.