New Tesla video focuses on the silence of the Model S

Elon Musk likes to be a disruptive influence. So far, he has disrupted the auto business, the energy storage business, the solar panel business, and the space travel business. Little noticed among all that disruption is what he has done to the advertising business.

It used to be that car companies hired advertising agencies to script their ad campaigns. But Tesla doesn’t believe in traditional advertising. It won’t even pay for its cars to appear in television and movies, a practice known as “product placement.”

Instead, people and companies are producing Tesla ads on their own, hoping that if Tesla ever does decide to advertise someday, it will choose them to produce those ads. Here is one from director Minh Duong. It is a Garstig & Solide Production made in cooperation with University for Television and Film in Munich, Germany.

Most car companies would be delighted with advertising this good.