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Like most Australian males, Gavin Stafford has always considered cars an indispensable part of life and culture. He views the current, global transition to electric vehicles as inevitable if not always exciting. He has lived in densely populated Hong Kong, China since 1998 but will probably never lose his nostalgia for long, lonely highways, old cars and loud, throaty exhaust notes.


Tokyo plan lets condo dwellers try LEAF EV for two months free

Nissan in Japan is giving up to 2,000 potential owners the chance to try out a LEAF electric vehicle for


California car buyers getting new incentives to go electric

In its quest to get 1.5 million plug-in vehicles on the road by 2025, California is adding financial incentives for

BMW i3 technology reverse engineering

Teardown: reverse engineering the BMW i3 (video)

BMW’s i3 electric car is full of lessons for automakers. So much so, in fact, that engineers have been tearing


Chevy Volt & BWM i8 shine in five-car EV-hybrid match-up (video)

General Motors’ Volt delivers the best balance of power and efficiency and the Toyota Prius is brilliantly frugal, but the


DeltaWing scouts Georgia sites to build 3-wheeler electric car

Georgia is No.2 in the United States for new electric vehicle sales – helped by a $5,000 state tax credit –


The writhing’s on the wall in Tesla plan for snakebot chargers

Visions of robots and snakes are nothing to be scared about. Just ask Elon Musk. Btw, we are actually working