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Lessons learned from driving a Model S 10,000 miles

Daniel Sparks is a reporter and columnist for The Motley Fool, a financial news and advice organization in the US.


Why electric cars are cheaper to service

By now, we’ve all seen the numbers on the cost of ownership for an electric vehicle. The savings on fuel costs


Top 6 electric car charging networks

Installing a reasonably quick home charger is the first priority for most new electric car owners, but the ability to easily charge


Toyota seeks crash safety exemption for hydrogen fuel cell car

Unusually for a major automaker, Toyota has requested exemption from a regulation concerning the safety of electric cars in order


BMW i3 & i8 repairs and safety (carbon fiber 101)

BMW’s use of carbon fiber in a mass-production car has raised questions – serious questions concerning safety, sustainability, and, of


Behave yourself: A guide to electric car etiquette

Electric car ownership isn’t that hard. In fact, it’s easier than owning an oil-burning car in many ways, but there