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ELR: Cadillac will pull the plug on its plug-in

Cadillac never seems to learn from its mistakes. Years ago, it marketed the insanely complex and ridiculously expensive Allante coupe


Tesla Model S trade in value similar to other luxury vehicles

A blog post by TeslaLiving compares the trade in value of his almost two year old Tesla Model S to


2017 Kia Soul EV may get greater range

Lots of auto makers are touting greater range for their plug-in and electric cars, thanks to improvements in battery technology.


BMW i3 EV faces steep depreciation

Modern electric cars have only been on sale in large numbers for a few years, but now some of the

BMW will boost the i3’s range

BMW will boost the i3’s range

As other automakers work to increase the ranges of their electric cars, BMW may follow suit with improvements to its


Chevy Bolt EV not a compliance car

After its introduction earlier this month, there were rumors that the Chevy Bolt was simply a “compliance car.” That suggests