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BlueIndy electric car sharing service off to a successful start

BlueIndy electric car sharing service off to a successful start

Indianapolis resident Gary Reiter is an enthusiastic supporter of the BlueIndy electric car sharing service that began last September. He

Google autonomous car project Uber competitor

Autonomous Google cars could compete with Uber

Whether they’re converted Toyota Prius hybrids or purpose-built electric pod cars, Google’s self-driving cars have become a familiar sight on


500 subscribers have used BlueIndy 3000 times in two months

BlueIndy, the electric car sharing service owned by Bolloré Group, says it has more than 500 subscribers signed up. Combined, its


BMW car sharing service leaving San Francisco

Car sharing is just like bicycle sharing. You pick up a car when you need it, drive it to where


Mercedes-Benz wants to ‘suburbanize the sharing economy’

Car-sharing services are viewed by some as an emerging alternative to both car ownership and public transportation in major cities.


GM announces new autonomous driving, car-sharing initiatives

In a recent investor conference, General Motors CEO Mary Barra and other executives outlined a host of new initiatives relating to