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Tesla adds 751 public charging locations in US

According to PlugShare, Tesla Motors added 751 destination chargers across the US in the past 12 months. Destination chargers are


Real world data sheds light on EV charging patterns (Study)

A 3 year study by Idaho National Laboratory collected data about how drivers of electric cars recharge their vehicles. This


BMW partners with EVgo to add 500 DC fast chargers

EVgo will add 500 DC fast charging stations in 25 cities across America by 2018. 50 of the new facilities


Who should pay for electric car charging infrastructure?

People are ruled by economics. Many public charging stations are free to use. That is supposed to encourage more people


How much will vehicle to grid systems cost EV owners?

Everyone agrees that storing electricity is the key to kicking the world’s fossil fuel habit. Grid storage can harvest every


Audi will have 150 kW charging network – someday

Tesla has its Supercharger network of high power (up to 135 kW) chargers. At present, that network has about 1,400 charging