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UK fleet operations company claims boost in EV leasing business

Not every vehicle on the road is a privately-owned passenger car. Businesses maintain large fleets of vehicles used in their


Electric buses have financial and societal benefits study finds

Volvo and accounting firm KPMG have released the results of a new study that shows electric buses can save millions


Norway leads the world in electric power from renewables

Norway leads the world in electric power from renewables. It gets almost 100% of its electricity from hydroelectric generating facilities


Does investing in Tesla make any sense?

There is a wonderful article in the Financial Times, written by Philip Delves Broughton, that has one thesis – if you


Investors cheer as Tesla burns through cash

During the Q2 conference call with stockholders earlier this month, chairman Elon Musk said the company had enough cash to

tesla stock sale 2015

Tesla seeks to raise over $600 million through stock sale

Tesla Motors says it plans to raise over $600 million through the sale of 2.69 million shares. Money made from