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Online tool shows average carbon emissions for many car models

The Union of Concerned Scientists has released an online tool that will show you how much carbon various models of


Bill Gates predicts “clean energy miracle” within 15 years

Bill Gates predicts that a “clean energy miracle” will occur within the next 15 years that will allow the world


Koch Brothers forming a group to push benefits of fossil fuels

Charles and David Koch are two of the wealthiest men in America. Their far flung business empire takes in about


Electric cars have lower lifetime emissions

A study conducted by the Union of Concerned Scientists finds that electric cars have significantly lower emissions over their lifetime


Obama to propose $10 per barrel oil fee

When the Obama administration submits its final budget to Congress later this week, it will include a proposal to add

Dirty grids charge Chinese electric cars

Dirty grids charge Chinese electric cars

For years, the Chinese government has promoted electric cars as a way to deal with the country’s severe air pollution,