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EPA may ask Volkswagen to make electric cars in America

EPA may ask Volkswagen to make electric cars in America

A report in German newspaper Welt am Sonntag quotes unnamed sources as saying the Environmental Protection Agency may forego imposing fines on


How Obama’s $10 per barrel fee on oil would benefit EVs

President Obama has proposed a $10 per barrel fee on oil. The plan would raise approximately $20 billion a year.


Obama to propose $10 per barrel oil fee

When the Obama administration submits its final budget to Congress later this week, it will include a proposal to add


California continues to lead the way forward for electric cars

California has been a leader at fighting air pollution and promoting electricity from renewable sources for decades. It also is


What impact do EV incentives have?

Are EV incentives good for society? Policy makers the world over want to know the answer to that question. Many


Tesla tells FTC, “We are evangelists.”

During a panel discussion at Federal Trade Commission headquarters in Washington this month, Tesla’s general counsel, Todd Maron, make this