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New way to predict when electric cars (and home batteries) become cost effective

The future cost of energy storage technologies can now be predicted under different scenarios, thanks to a new tool created


Ford working with design firm to forecast a future beyond cars

Ford firmly believes that its future business prospects rest beyond simply selling cars. As part of its Smart Mobility Plan,


A Tesla Model S owner contemplates trading in his car

It’s hard to believe, but the Tesla Model S has only been with us for a little more than 3

Electric SUVs and trucks- The next big thing?

Electric SUVs and trucks: The next big thing?

Electric cars have made impressive progress over the last five years. They still represent a tiny drop of the new-car


EV range: How much is enough?

How much EV range is enough? If you decided to design and build an electric car for volume production today,


Radio Flyer introduces Tesla Model S EV for kids (Video)

Radio Flyer, the company that brought us the little red wagon when we were young, is now building an electric