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Is electric car range anxiety diminishing?

In the five years that modern electric cars have been widely available, range anxiety has been one of the biggest


Electric truck brings fume free food to Philadelphia

Greg Steele operates a food truck in Philadelphia. Instead of using a diesel or gas engine the way most food


Driving a dual motor Tesla Model S 85D EV in winter

Calgary native Willy Kalmanovitch purchased a Tesla Model S 85D last year. He is a skier and wanted the dual motor


Bjørn Nyland wins second Tesla referral contest

Norway’s Bjørn Nyland is a passionate advocate for Tesla Motors. Since he got his red Model S — dubbed the Millenium


Electric Porsche 914 spied

Over the weekend, Facebook user JONSIBAL spied a Porsche 914 at a Cars & Coffee event. Like most of the


Nissan ‘Future Lab’ investigates car tech trends

There are big changes in store for the car industry, many analysts say. Electric powertrains, car sharing, autonomous drive, and