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Apple CEO Tim Cook remains evasive on car project

One of the biggest automotive stories of the past year concerns a car that may not even exist. It’s Apple’s


Plugless is making a wireless charger for Tesla Model S

Plugless Power, a division of Evatran, makes wireless charging systems for EVs. Currently, it has systems available for the Chevy


Online tool shows average carbon emissions for many car models

The Union of Concerned Scientists has released an online tool that will show you how much carbon various models of


Economics will ultimately favor electric cars, GM vet says

Electric cars currently represent a very small portion of new-car sales, their numbers bolstered by government incentives and the enthusiastic


Bjorn Nyland compiles a list of all the repairs to his Tesla Model S since new

Norway’s Bjorn Nyland may qualify as the most passionate Tesla fan in the world. He has a dedicated YouTube channel

BMW says the classic car sales model is a thing of the past

BMW says the classic car sales model is a thing of the past

Ian Robertson is head of sales for BMW. He says, “Our business model will change more in the next five