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Electric cars have lower lifetime emissions

A study conducted by the Union of Concerned Scientists finds that electric cars have significantly lower emissions over their lifetime


Battery-electric and fuel-cell cars each have their own drawbacks (Study)

Battery-electric cars and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles have a lot in common. They’re both powered by electricity, although they get it


What impact do EV incentives have?

Are EV incentives good for society? Policy makers the world over want to know the answer to that question. Many


Nissan LEAF shows poor early resale value (Study)

The Nissan LEAF is the bestselling electric car in history, with global sales expected to pass 200,000 units this January.


Will the oil industry collapse by 2030? (Analysis)

The combination of electric cars and grid electricity generated from renewable sources could mean the end of fossil fuels, but


Market for electric vehicles is ready to explode

A report from research firm IDTechEx entitled Electric Vehicle Forecasts, Trends and Opportunities 2016-2026 says the market for electric vehicles is set