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Poll shows most want traditional companies to build self driving cars

The World Economic Forum and Boston Consulting Group recently surveyed 6,000 people from 10 countries about their attitudes toward self


Transportation emissions cuts crucial to addressing climate change (Study)

A new study has good news and bad news for transportation policymakers. The bad news is that transportation currently accounts for


World could be fossil fuel free by 2050

With the next global conference on climate change just days away, researchers at Stanford and the University of California have


Real world data sheds light on EV charging patterns (Study)

A 3 year study by Idaho National Laboratory collected data about how drivers of electric cars recharge their vehicles. This


Americans making few lifestyle changes to help the environment (Study)

Against the backdrop of the next global conference on environment and climate change in Paris in two weeks, the Pew


Access to HOV lanes boosts EV sales in California

If you live and work in southern California, commuting back and forth to work is about as much fun as