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How much will vehicle to grid systems cost EV owners?

Everyone agrees that storing electricity is the key to kicking the world’s fossil fuel habit. Grid storage can harvest every


Who pays to maintain our transportation infrastructure? Nobody.

Our transportation infrastructure — the vast array of roads, bridges and tunnels that knit America together — enables the US


Electric cars have lower lifetime carbon emissions than gasoline cars (Study)

The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) has been monitoring the environmental impact of electric cars for years, publishing its first


Why EV Drivers prefer leasing

A report from CNBC shows that EV drivers prefer leasing. In fact, almost 80% of all EVs in the US


ICCT says electric cars may be cost effective in some US cities

We all know the main reason to switch to an electric car is to reduce our carbon footprint while we


Electricity to charge electric cars is not always green

This may seem like a no brainer to some people, but it has taken researchers from Dartmouth College to realize