Company: Porsche


Electric-car investment may cut profits, Porsche CEO says

Porsche is bracing for lower profits as it prepares to invest heavily in the Mission E electric car and other new


Porsche builds first solar pylon in Berlin

When the new Porsche Center opens in Berlin in 2017, much of its electrical needs will be provided by solar


Porsche not interested in self driving cars

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume told the German press recently that Porsche drivers want to remain firmly in control at the wheel


Porsche head speaks of electric cars, infrastructure, and mobility

Dr. Oliver Blume, chairman of the Porsche executive board, was interviewed recently about the future of Porsche and driving in


Comparing Tesla sales growth to Porsche

Porsche sold 19.262 cars in 1996. By 2006, it sold 96.764 cars. Tesla sold 22,450 cars in 2013. It is


Will Porsche build a 2 door electric sports car?

While Dr. Earhard Mossle, Porsche’s head of engineering, was showing off his company’s latest turgocharged 911 models in Detroit last