Company: Rimac


Rimac Concept One with 1,000 horsepower will debut in Geneva

Rimac is serious about building electric cars — make that fast electric cars. It has been a leader at building


Electric Drive eO wins at Pikes Peak (video)

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is the third oldest continuously operating motorsport event in the world, following only the


Listen to the Rimac Pikes Peak car on the dyno

With the annual Pikes Peak race coming up on June 28, Rimac has released this video of its 1100 kilowatt


Pikes Peak: Meet the Rimac E-Runner Concept One

What goes 0-100 kph in 2.2 seconds and slams its way to 200 kph in just 5.4 seconds? An all


Listen to the $1 million Rimac Concept_One EV (video)

Only eight Rimac Concept_One supercars have ever been built. The company plans to build 80 more – each priced at


Formula E ‘safety car’ to be faster than racers

Formula E cars may be slower than their combustion-engined counterparts in Formula 1, but when it comes to safety cars