Chevrolet Volt 2016

Technically, the new Volt is a step forward in almost every way. The 18.4 kWh battery is lighter and has only 192 cells compared to 288 in the current car’s 17.1 kWh battery. Range is up from 38 miles to 50 miles. A new, quieter 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine replaces the 1.4 liter unit in the present car. The new model gets 41 mpg and 102 MPGe versus 37 mpg and 98 MPGe.

The Volt 2016 will have two electric motors combining for 149 horsepower and 294 lb-ft of torque. Together, they weigh 100 lbs less and are significantly smaller than the old motor. 0-60 now comes up in 8.4 seconds versus 9.0 seconds previously.

Inside, Chevrolet has toned down some of the gee whiz, space age design of the original Volt. The new dashboard is sleek enough to continue attracting early adopters while also targeting a broader audience.

Owners of the original Volt complained long and loud about having no 5th passenger seat. Chevy tried hard to address their concerns, but the new car still does not have a fully functional rear seat that can fit 3 people, Instead, it forces the middle passenger to straddle the battery tunnel.