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BMW i3 EV MR Porter – 4

BMW i3 comes in new Mr. Porter edition (Images)

Mr. Porter is a London fashion house that caters to upscale males. It is offering a bespoke edition of the


BMW i3 REx EV is like ‘training wheels,’ product manager says

The BMW i3 stands out among electric cars because it’s offered in both conventional all-electric form, and as an “REx”


BMW i3 EV faces steep depreciation

Modern electric cars have only been on sale in large numbers for a few years, but now some of the

BMW will boost the i3’s range

BMW will boost the i3’s range

As other automakers work to increase the ranges of their electric cars, BMW may follow suit with improvements to its


BMW i3 melts away in house fire (Images)

One of two things usually happens when people see an image of an electric vehicle on fire or the remnants


BMW i3 will get range boost

The BMW i3 will come with a more powerful battery soon. The upgrade unit will extend usable range from just