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Tesla Model S tops Consumer Reports commuter car survey

Consumer Reports’ annual survey of the best commuter cars puts the Tesla Model S on top — again. The survey


2017 Chevy Volt adds adaptive cruise control

Chevrolet hasn’t really explained what is going on with the 2nd generation Volt. The new car is currently available only


Consumer Reports likes the new Chevy Volt (Video)

Consumer Reports has released a new video highlighting the virtues of the 2016 Chevy Volt. Overall, they praise its new


New York City will add many EVs to its fleet

Mayor Bill DiBlasio of New York City has announced that his city will add about 2,000 EVs to its municipal fleet


Second generation Chevy Volt is better in every way

When the Chevy Volt first went on sale in 2010, it was a bit of an enigma to most people.


New Chevy Volt ads target Prius and LEAF (Videos)

One of the problems for electric vehicle manufacturers today is that lots of customers really don’t understand what an electric