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Consumer Reports cites quality issues with Tesla Model S

Consumer Reports cites quality issues with Tesla Model S

Consumer Reports has had a love affair with the Tesla Model S. It named the electric car best overall vehicle


Consumer Reports likes the new Chevy Volt (Video)

Consumer Reports has released a new video highlighting the virtues of the 2016 Chevy Volt. Overall, they praise its new


Hybrids more reliable than plug-in or electric cars says Consumer Reports

Every year, Consumer Reports asks thousands of drivers to rate the reliability of their cars. It asks questions about the


Tesla Model S reliability downgraded by Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports has shocked the automotive world by downgrading the Tesla Model S reliability rating to “worse than average.” Just


Consumer Reports ranks top 20 most fuel efficient cars

When it comes to ranking fuel efficient cars, Consumer Reports doesn’t rely on EPA numbers. It conducts its own real


Consumer Reports Tesla P85D performance tests (video)

In this video, Consumer Reports puts its Tesla P85D through three performance tests – emergency lane changing, braking and acceleration.